Under the Equality Act 2010, the University of Leicester is legally required to produce and publish diversity monitoring information annually. For students at the University, we collect data related to age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation.

The data on this page relates to all students (undergraduate and postgraduate, campus-based and distance learners) studying for a University of Leicester degree in Academic Year 2019/20. Graduation outcomes data relates to students graduating from an undergraduate degree in summer 2020.


53.4% of students are female

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Female 9728; Male 8484

Awards by Ethnicity

Awarding Gap

The degree awarding gap is the difference between white students and BAME* students being awarded a 1st or 2.1 degree classification.

Awarding Gap for Full Time, UG First Degree, UK Domiciled students only 2018/19:

  • The awarding gap between white and BAME* students is 10.9%
  • The awarding gap between white and Black students is 19%

The equivalent awarding gap for the sector is 13.7% for 2018/19.

*Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic.

UG Awards by Ethnicity- First Degree, Part Time & Full Time Students & multiple Domiciles students 2019/20:

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1st 28.3%; 2.1 55%; 2.2 or pass 16.7%

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1st 27.7%; 2.1 48.9%; 2.2 or pass 23.4%

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1st 30.6%; 2.1 51.4%; 2.2 or pass 18.1%

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1st 46.2%; 2.1 45.5%; 2.2 or pass 8.3%

Degree attainment by gender

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female 1st 36.7%; male 1st 36.3%;

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female 2.1 52.1%; male 2.1 48.7%;

female pass 11.2%; male pass 15.1%;


11.1% of Undergraduate students are over 21

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17 and under 1%; 18-21 59.4%; 22-29 23.9%; 30-39 9.1%; 40-49 4.5%; 50-59 1.6%; 60-69 0.4%; 70 and over 0.1%

Ethnicity (broad)

9,613 students identified as Asian, Black, Mixed or from another Minority Ethnic Background

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BAME* 52.8%; White 43.8%; Prefer not to say 1.8%; not declared 1.7%

Ethnicity (detailed)

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Asian or Asian British 33.2%; Black or Black British 11.9%; White 43.8%; Other and Mixed 7.7%; Prefer not to say 1.8%; not declared 1.7%

*Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic.

Sexual orientation

1191 students told us they identified as being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or an Other sexuality

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LGB* 6.5%

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Heterosexual 80.8%

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Prefer not to say 11.6%

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Prefer not to say 1.1%

*LGB includes: Bisexual, Gay man, Gay woman/Lesbian, Other


1,761 students disclosed a disability

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no disability 89.4%; disability 9.7%; not declared 0.9%

Religion or belief

7753 students told us that they do not have a religious belief

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buddist 1.1%; christian 26.8%; hindu 5.2%; jewish 0.3%; muslim 12.2%; sikh 3.0%; spiritual 0.9%; other religion or belief 0.7%; no religion 42.6%; prefer not to say 6.2%; not declared 1.1%

Data for 2019/20 academic year, the population of this dataset excludes students that are suspended, dormant or withdrawn on 1st December 2019.