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Where your fees go 2020/21 - additional costs associated with COVID-19

We think that it is important to be transparent with our students about how the University uses the tuition fees we receive from you. Under normal circumstances, you would be able to find our fee transparency information here. In the current climate, you might be wondering how the University can justify the same fee levels as normal. Below, we set out some of the issues relating to this. 

We have incurred different but very significant costs in developing and supporting your student experience, specifically:

  • Investment in our digital infrastructure to ensure that Blackboard, MS Teams, and other tools and systems, have been fit-for-purpose to support your education
  • Significant re-design of curriculum content, course structures, and assessment patterns, to support your education
  • Providing additional educational support through mentoring, pastoral support, and online study resources
  • Creating a COVID-secure campus with risk assessments, social distancing measures, new policies, procedures, facilities, and PPE equipment
  • Providing our own COVID screening programme to keep staff and students safe
  • Implementing a dedicated COVID Response Team, with associated systems and procedures, to manage COVID cases on-the-ground, liaising with public health to ensure your safety
  • In the first term we have made 1,847 outreach/check in calls from our student accommodation team, delivered 2,300 free food parcels to students isolating in our halls or private accommodation and 400 free games packs
  • Providing increased and accessible hardship funds for students in need during a national crisis
  • Creating a comprehensive programme of social engagement, either via the Students’ Union, Residence Life Programme, or Life in Lockdown programme
  • Investing in student wellbeing support and resources, including the MyWellbeing App, mindfulness resources, and digital support packages
  • Investment in additional IT equipment for student loan via the University Library
  • Investment in IT equipment to provision our staff to be able to design and, where necessary, deliver your digital teaching from their homes

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