Number of students by level of study and sex

6,404 6,286 6,418
Male 6,008 5,942 6,026
Undergraduate total 12,412 12,228 12,444
Taught postgraduate Female 8,297 7,786 7,030
Male 7,639 7,175 6,458
Taught postgraduate total 15,936 14,961 *13,489
Research postgraduate Female 1,043 1,111 1,167
Male 1,142 1,175 1,231
Research postgraduate total
2,185 2,286 2,398
University total
30,533 29,475 28,331

*including one unknown

Information about the data displayed

This data comes from the end of year dataset compiled by the University's Planning Office and is a headcount of all students who were enrolled on a course in the relevant year. The year mentioned in the tables is the academic year running from 1 August to 31 July. The end of year dataset is therefore a snapshot of the student population at 31 July each year, over the past 3 years.

In most cases a student will only be counted once in an academic year but it is possible for a student to be enrolled on more than one course (hence possibly in more than one department) within the same year. In this case the student will be counted once for each course (department).

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