Research Strategy Policy and Performace Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership 2016-2017


  1. To consider and approve the institutional Research, REF and Impact Strategies for incorporation within the University’s Strategic Plan and Annual Budget.
  2. To progress and monitor the implementation of the institutional Research, REF and Impact Strategies.
  3. To monitor the research performance of the Colleges, to undertake reviews of research activity in the Colleges and determine and agree appropriate actions to be taken by the Colleges in respect of future research activities.
  4. To determine institutional strategy and policy in respect of preparations for external assessment and evaluation of University research activities.
  5. To consider opportunities for increasing research income at institutional and College level and offer advice on the University’s bids for funding.
  6. To consider institution wide issues, provide appropriate institutional responses and receive reports from and consider the work of Committee sub-groups in areas relating to research, such as research integrity and ethics, research infrastructure and the concordat for early career researchers.
  7. To determine the appropriate allocation of such resources as are available from time to time.
  8. To consider, record and address the potential equal opportunity impacts of decisions made by the Committee (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).

Constitution and membership

  1. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise (Chair) (Professor I Gillespie)
  2. The Head of Research Support Services (Mrs P Muya)
  3. The Graduate Dean (Professor H Atkinson)
  4. One lay member of Council, appointed by the Nominations Committee (Dr N Reed, 31.7.2017)
  5. Six members of the academic staff, two from each of the three Colleges, appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the relevant Head of College:
    1. Dr L Gibson (2019) & one of Dr C Fowler, Dr W Green & Dr C Morgner (2019: SSAH)
    2. Professor A Fry (2017), Professor N Brunskill (2019) (MBSP)
    3. Professor M Purnell (2019), Ms M Pourshamsi (S&E)
  6. One representative of the Directors of the Institutes: Prof J Schwabe (2019)
  7. The three College Impact Leads: Prof C Pullar (2019); Prof K Tansey (until Feb 2017, then Prof S Page - 2019); Dr W Green (2019)
  8. One postgraduate research student or early career or research staff member from each college, nominated by the relevant Head of College: Dr Natalie Lazar-Adler (2019; MBSP); TBC (S&E); Ms R Fatemi-Dehaghani (2018; SSAH)
  9. Other members of the academic staff whom the Committee may wish to co-opt

Duration of appointment

  • Members appointed under a), b) and c) are ex-officio.
  • Members appointed under d) – g) shall serve for three years, renewable, but maximum length of service is normally six years.
  • Members appointed under h) shall normally serve for a maximum of three years.
  • Members appointed under i) shall serve for one year, renewable, but maximum length of service is normally three years.

Reports to



Dr Juliet Bailey, Research and Enterprise Division


5 members, including the Chair


Normally six meetings in each academic year

Normally in attendance at meetings

  • The University Librarian (or their nominated representative) (Ms C Taylor)
  • The Director of the Division of Research and Enterprise (Mrs P Muya)