Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership 2016-2017


To determine salary increases and/or bonuses for designated senior post-holders.


  1. To be responsible for deciding on the award of any salary increases and/or bonuses for:
    1. President and Vice-Chancellor
    2. Provost
    3. Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
    4. Director of Finance
    5. Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Heads of Colleges
  2. To keep under review the arrangements for responsibility payments to office holders (Heads of Departments and others) and for determining the proper level of such payments.
  3. Exceptionally, at the request of the University Staffing Committee, to consider issues of general applicability with regard to levels of remuneration, and to advise as it sees fit.
  4. To consider, record and address the potential equal opportunity impacts of decisions made by the Committee  (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).

Reports to

Council - has full delegated powers to set salary increases and/or bonuses without reference to Council unless it thinks fit.

Constitution and Membership 2016-17

  1. The Chair of Council (Chair) (Dr B Towle)
  2. The Treasurer (Mr D Moore)
  3. The President and Vice-Chancellor (Professor P Boyle)
  4. The Registrar and Chief Operating Officer (Mr D Hall)
  5. Three lay members of Council, appointed by the Nominations Committee (Mr Ian Johnson until 31/7/2017, Dr D Luckett until 31/7/2018, Mr A Morgan until 31/7/2019)

Duration of appointment

a), b), c) and d) are ex-officio. Members appointed under e) shall serve for three years, renewable, but maximum length of service is normally six years.

Normally in attendance at meetings

The Director of Human Resources (Ms K Bradley)


Division of Human Resources

Frequency of meetings

The Committee will normally meet once in each academic year.


5 members, including at least three lay members.