Equality and Diversity Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership 2016-17


On behalf of Council, to maintain oversight of and provide advice on matters relating to Equalities and Diversities.


  1. To frame and recommend appropriate policies for the University in areas pertaining to equal opportunities.
  2. To establish appropriate structures through which equal opportunities policies may be implemented.
  3. To monitor and implement equal opportunities policies and activities, including the regular review of relevant data.
  4. To review equal opportunities policies and their operation regularly, and make appropriate changes.
  5. To develop and implement the setting up such sub-committees or working groups from time to time as may be appropriate.
  6. To consider and record the potential equal opportunity impacts on decisions made by the Committee (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).
  7. To consider and record potential equality impacts of decisions made by the University (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).

Reports to


Constitution and Membership

  1. a senior member of staff, who shall be designated by the President and Vice-Chancellor as Chair (Dr Kate Williams, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Equality & Diversity)
  2. a lay member of Council, nominated by Council (Dr Vijay Sharma)
  3. all four College and Professional Services Equality and Diversity Chairs:
    1. Vacancy, College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology
    2. Professor Paul Cullis, College of Science and Engineering
    3. Dr Eugenia Caracciolo Di Torella and Dr Emma Parker (Deputy), College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
    4. Ms Jo Aitkins, Professional Services
  4. one member from each of the three recognised trade unions, to be nominated by the relevant union committee:
    1. Mrs Rashida Vora, UCU Representative
    2. Mr Will Pearson, UNISON Representative
    3. Mrs Sulina Hendy, UNITE Representative
  5. the Wellbeing Officer of the Students’ Union (Miss Harriet Smailes)

Duration of Appointment

(a), (b) and (e) are ex-officio.  Members appointed under (b) and (d) shall serve for three years and shall be retired for at least one year before being eligible for re-appointment.

In Attendance

  1. The Equalities Adviser (Mrs Humaa Noori)
  2. The Equalities Project Officer (Mr Simon Edwards)
  3. Director of Human Resources or their nominated representatives (Ms Kate Bradley)
  4. The Academic Registrar or their nominated representatives (Ms Bev Ireland)
  5. Director of Student Experience Division or their nominated representatives (Ms Gill McIntyre)


Equalities Team, Human Resources

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will normally meet 4 times in each academic year.


The quorum for the core Committee is 4 members.