Executive Board terms of reference

Overall responsibility

The Executive Board is responsible for providing effective, coordinated and strategically-aware leadership of the University's current and future performance.

Detailed terms of reference

  1. To develop, monitor and refine the University’s strategic approach, including development of the strategic plan.
  2. To determine and oversee the processes by which strategic and operational planning is undertaken by Colleges and the Professional Services; to agree academic, operational and financial targets.
  3. To develop the annual budget and financial forecasts and recommend these to Finance Committee, Senate and Council.
  4. To monitor the University’s academic, financial and operational performance against agreed objectives, targets and budgets and to take action where there are significant variances.
  5. To determine the action to be taken by the University in response to external opportunities and initiatives.
  6. To consider, record and address the potential equal opportunity impacts of decisions made by the Committee (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).
  7. To consider reports from the University Staffing Committee.
  8. To consider and advise on any other matters as may be referred to it.

Reports to: Council Advisory Committee, Senate and Finance Committee (as required)

Sub-committees: University Leadership Group, University Planning Group, University Staffing Committee, College Management Boards and the Professional Services Management Team.

Meets: Weekly

Secretariat: Division of Policy, Planning and Change