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Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
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PA to the Registrar: Sophie Brodie,

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Head of the University's Professional Services

Responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of the Professional Services which enable the academic mission of the institution.


  • Court
  • Council
  • Senate
  • Honorary Degrees Board

The Registrar's Office is also responsible for issues of University governance, and provides secretarial support for the Court, the Council and a number of senior policy committees.


Dave has had twenty years’ experience in the university sector, which comes as some surprise, because after he left school he joined the army. Consequently, he didn’t go to university until he was in his early twenties as a student at the University of Reading, where he gained a first-class honours degree in History and Sociology.

His first experience of university management was as President of the Students’ Union at the University of Reading. He went on to work for the University as an Accommodation Manager and Editor of the Students’ Union’s Alternative Prospectus.

In 1991, he joined the Administration at the University of Warwick as an Administrative Assistant supporting the Distance Learning MBA programme. He left Warwick ten years later as Director of the Research and Development Services Office.

In 2001, he joined the University of Birmingham as Academic Registrar, where he led a team of over 250 staff and handled a budget of £13.25m. He was in charge of marketing and recruitment, and had overarching responsibility for all aspects of the student experience, resource allocation academic quality, and corporate planning. He was heavily involved in sharpening the institution’s focus on the wider student experience and in developing the strategic image of the University.

He joined Leicester as Registrar and Chief Operating Officer in 2006.