Membership 2017-18

President and Vice-Chancellor

  • Professor P Boyle (Chair)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

  • Professor E Burke (Vice-Chair)


  • Professor MA Barstow (Strategic Science)
  • Professor I Gillespie  (Research and Enterprise)
  • Professor J J A Scott (Student Experience)

Pro-Vice-Chancellors/Heads of College

  • Professor P Baker (Life Sciences)
  • Professor H O'Connor (Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities) (interim)
  • Professor P Monks (Science and Engineering)

Director of the Doctoral College

  • Professor D Lambert

University Librarian

  • Ms C Taylor

The Director of IT Services

  • Mrs L Bailey

The Director of Student Experience

  • Vacancy

Heads of Department

Name  Department/School Term
TBC School of Allied Health Professions  2017-2018
Professor N Chakraborti  Criminology 2016-2019
Professor J Chambers
Engineering 2017-2021
Professor A Clark Mathematics 2016-2020
Professor S Davies School of Geography, Geology and the Environment  2017-2018
Professor F Du Bois
Professor P Jaffey
Professor F Du Bois
Leicester Law School 1 Sep 2014-31 Aug 2017
1 Sep 2017-31 Dec 2017
1 Jan 2018-31 Aug 2018
Dr S Dudley Museum Studies  2017-2021 
Professor A Ellis Chemistry 2016-2020
Professor I Forsythe Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour
1 Aug 2017-31 July 2018
Professor A Goodall Genetics and Genome Biology 1 Apr 2017-31 Mar 2019
Professor R Griffiths School of Education 2016-2020
Dr S Guerra
Dr G Lewis
School of History, Politics and International Relations 19 July 2017-21 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018-31 July 2019
Dr C Hewitt  School of Biological Sciences 2017-2018
Professor M Halliwell  School of Arts 2017-2020
Professor R Heckel  Informatics 2014-2018
Professor R Holland Leicester Medical School 2017-
Professor J Hughes School of Media, Communication and Sociology 2017-2019
Professor G P Martin Health Sciences 2015-2018
Professor D Mattingly School of Archaeology and Ancient History 2016-2019
Professor O'Brien  Physics and Astronomy 2015-2018
Dr J Prados School of Psychology 2017-2018
Professor Z Radnor  School of Business 1 May 2016 -
Professor T Robinson  Cardiovascular Sciences 2016-2020
Professor J Schwabe
Professor J Challis
Molecular and Cell Biology 1 Oct 2010-30 Sep 2017
1 Oct 2017-30 Sep 2021
Professor A Wardlaw  Infection, Immunity and Inflammation 2016-2020

Nominated members

College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

Dr R Dickinson  Media and Communication  2015-2018 
Dr L Gibson School of Museum Studies 2016-2019

College of Science and Engineering

Professor G Wynn Physics and Astronomy 2016-2019
Professor M Purnell Geology 2016-2019

College of Life Sciences

Professor A Fry  Molecular and Cell Biology 2016-2019
Professor C Pritchard
Professor A Thomas
Cancer Studies 1 Sep 2017-1 Feb 2018
1 Feb 2018-31 July 2018

Other nominated members

  • Professor R Norman, Leicester Medical School (2011-2018)
  • Dr K Williams, Deputy PVC Equality and Diversity (2016–2018)

Student members

  • President of the Students' Union
  • A Sabbatical Officer of the Students' Union


  • Academic Registrar