Associate members of Court

Emeritus Professors

Professor A Al-Nowaihi
Professor D Ashton
Professor R Baker
Professor S R Ball
Professor B Barker
Professor D G Barnsley
Professor F Beck
Professor Sir Peter Bell
Professor G R Berridge
Professor I R Bowler
Professor W Brammar
Professor W H Brock
Professor T S Brugha
Professor Sir Bob Burgess
Professor J Chambers
Professor C M V Clarkson
Professor E Cundliffe
Professor E A Davis
Professor G M Davies
Professor R O Davies
Professor E Derbyshire
Professor L A Dissado
Professor C Dyer
Professor D H Evans
Professor P Farmer
Professor P Fearon
Professor DJ Field
Professor K R Fogelman
Professor W Forster
Professor R G Foulkes
Professor M J Galton
Professor A Gescher
Professor J P Gostelow
Professor D Gu
Professor B Gunter
Professor D Harper
Professor P Hart
Professor P K Harvey
Professor J H Holloway
Professor E Hope
Professor D R Jones
Professor M A Khan
Professor T Lawson
Professor J Lees 
Professor G J Lewis
Professor J Lindesay
Professor D Llewellyn-Jones
Professor N J M London
Professor P K H Maguire
Professor P Maksym
Professor K Malmkjaer
Professor M Manson
Professor M Mathieson
Professor E Murphy
Professor V Newey
Professor A N Newman
Professor M Palmer
Professor R B Panerai
Professor I Parker
Professor A R S Ponter
Professor M A Reveley
Professor G C K Roberts
Professor T Robinson
Professor D Rowbotham
Professor A Saunders
Professor J Scott
Professor E J Shattock
Professor D Siveter
Professor K D M Snell
Professor R P Symonds
Professor D J Taylor
Professor R M Thomas
Professor J Thompson
Professor H Thurston
Professor M van Der Veen
Professor S Wagner
Professor R Walker
Professor M Wang
Professor A Wardlaw
Professor R S Warwick
Professor R C A White
Professor P H Williams
Professor A Wilson
Professor Sir Kent Woods
Professor D Wynford-Thomas
Professor J Zalasiewicz

Societies and bodies

Leicester Mercury (Editor)

Other Persons Serving in a personal capacity

Lord Bach of Lutterworth
Dr H Hearnshaw
Mr A B Hill
Ms L Jones
Sir David O’Dowd
Dr N Shah
Mr M Thompson
Mr S Woolfe

Total, all Associate Members: 87