Dominic Luckett

Dominic graduated from the University in 1987 with a first class degree in History.  He went on to study at Magdalen College, Oxford, where he was awarded a D.Phil in 1992 for research on the reign of Henry VII. His teaching career began at Harrow School and he has been Headmaster of Mill Hill School and Chief Executive of the Mill Hill School Foundation since 2007. He has published a number of articles in academic books journals and is an inspector with the Independent Schools Inspectorate. He became a member of Council in 2009 and currently serves as a member of the Academic Policy Committee and the Remuneration Committee.

When asked about his reasons for getting involved with University Council, Dominic said, "I suppose a growing awareness, though my work in schools, of how important a good university education is to young people. Also, an increasing realization that all the great good fortune I have had, especially with regards to enjoying such a wonderfully fulfilling career, stems largely from the three years I spent at Leicester. I was the first in my family to go to university and arrived in 1984 lacking confidence and without much real knowledge of the world. My time at Leicester changed me in so many ways, all, I think, for the better. I owe the place a great deal and that is one of the main motives for wanting to work with the Council. Above all, it's really inspiring to see what the university has achieved in recent years and to have the chance to play even a small part in its future development."