Learning and Teaching Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership 2018-19


To oversee the continuous development and implementation of the University’s Learning Strategy, and the underpinning institutional regulatory and policy framework.


  1. To formulate, continuously develop and enhance the Learning Strategy, embedding excellence and ensuring articulation with the University’s wider Strategic Plan.
  2. To monitor the Strategic Implementation Plan for the Learning Strategy, set targets and key performance indicators and monitor progress against these.
  3. To identify key strategic risks and mitigate risks to the effective implementation of the Strategy, recommending areas for management action.
  4. To review and approve aligned strategies such as the University’s Learning Spaces Strategy and Assessment Strategy.
  5. To consider amendments to Senate Regulations for submission to Senate for approval.
  6. To approve, monitor and review University level policy and procedure, and academic codes of practice relating to learning, teaching, assessment and quality assurance for taught programmes.
  7. To oversee strategic alignment of learning and teaching activities with wider student life activities, to ensure delivery of a coordinated and integrated student experience.
  8. To provide reports to Senate regarding the operation of academic quality assurance processes and the management of academic risk within the institution, to feed into the Annual Assurances given by Council.
  9. To provide strategic oversight and governance of the University’s ongoing registration as an Approved Provider with the Office for Students, ensuring that all associated compliance requirements are met.
  10. To monitor relevant internal and external development to inform future strategy and policy, and making recommendations as appropriate to Senate.
  11. To receive reports from other bodies within its sub-structure, considering enhancement opportunities and providing feedback, ensuring a continuous improvement approach to quality enhancement across the University.
  12. To have due regard to the student interest in all consideration and decision making.
  13. To consider, record and address the potential equal opportunity impacts of decisions made by the Committee (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).


  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Students) (Chair): Professor Jon Scott - Ex officio
  • Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital): Professor Ross Parry - Ex officio
  • The College Directors of Learning and Teaching: 
    • Professor Bob Norman (CLS) - Ex officio
    • Dr Sandeep Handa (CSE) - Ex officio
    • Professor Roger Dickinson (CSSAH) - Ex officio
  • Dean of Students: Dr Mark Rawlinson - Ex officio
  • Academic Registrar: Mr Geoff Green - Ex officio
  • University Librarian: Ms Caroline Taylor - Ex officio
  • Director of Leicester Learning Institute: Dr Frances Deepwell - Ex officio
  • Director of Education Excellence: Professor Graham Wynn - Ex officio
  • Lay member of Council (appointed by Nominations Committee): Ms Mehmooda Duke - 3 years, and can be renewed for one further term
  • Students’ Union (SU) Education Officer: Ms Azza Abdulla - 1 year, which may be renewed should the post-holder be re-elected
  • Students’ Union representative, nominated by the SU: To be confirmed following elections in October 2018 - 1 year, which may be renewed should the post-holder be re-elected

Modus operandi

  • Two hour meetings every second month
  • Annual away day
  • Quorum: 50% of the membership

Reports to


Receives reports from

  • Admissions and Widening Participation Sub Committee
  • Quality and Standards Sub-Committee
  • Student Partnerships Sub-Committee
  • College Learning & Teaching Committees
  • University Portfolio Management Group as required*
  • Competition and Markets Authority Steering Group as required*

*sit outside the governance structure


Quality Office