Learning and Teaching Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership 2017-18


To oversee the development and implementation of the University’s Learning Strategy and supporting policies for the enhancement of the quality of the student learning experience.


  1. To formulate and seek approval for the University Learning Strategy for incorporation within the University's Strategic Plan and Annual Budget.
  2. To monitor the implementation of the University Learning Strategy.
  3. To approve revisions to Senate Regulations, Codes of Practice and all University Regulatory arrangements associated with Learning, Teaching and Assessment
  4. To approve the appointment of external examiners.
  5. To formulate and approve University policy, taking a strategic lead to enhance the quality of the student learning experience.
  6. To assure and enhance academic quality and standards, for example, by establishing panels with the power to approve new programmes of study or conduct periodic developmental reviews and by oversight of the annual developmental review process.
  7. To review and monitor key performance indicators of the quality of the student experience and determine any necessary interventions.
  8. To consider, record and address the potential equal opportunity impacts of decisions made by the Committee (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).

Reports to


Constitution and Membership 2017-18

  1. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience) (Chair) (Professor J Scott) 
  2. The Academic Director of each College (Professor B Norman, Dr R Dickinson, Professor G Wynn) 
  3. The President of the Students’ Union (Ms A Morgan) 
  4. Director of the Doctoral College (Professor D Lambert) 
  5. The Academic Registrar (Mr G Green) 
  6. The Deputy Director of Academic Services (Quality, Curriculum and Compliance) (Mrs L Masterman) 
  7. The Associate Director of Academic Services (Student Administration and Systems) (vacancy
  8. The Director of the Leicester Learning Institute (Dr F Deepwell) 
  9. The University Librarian (Ms C Taylor) 
  10. The Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital) (Professor R Parry) 
  11. Four members of the academic staff, including at least one from each College, appointed by the Senate on the nomination of the relevant Head of College (Dr A Cameron, 2019; Dr E Clapp, 2019; Dr C Hewitt, 2019; Dr S Handa, 2020) 
  12. One lay member of the Council, appointed by the Nominations Committee (Dr D Luckett, 2018) 
  13. A representative of the Students' Union, appointed by the Students' Union (Ms A Abdulla, 2018)

Duration of appointment

Members appointed under a) to i) are ex-officio. Members appointed under j) and k) shall serve for three years, renewable, but maximum length of service is normally six years. Members appointed under l) and m) shall serve for one year.


Quality Office

Frequency of meetings

Meetings of the Committee shall normally be held ten times a year.


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