Health and Safety Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership 2017-18


On behalf of Council, the Committee is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all aspects of agreed University policy and practice on health and safety.  It also considers how any changes in the legislative framework or recognized good practice on health and safety might have an impact on the University’s policies and procedures in this area, and operates as the formal consultative body for health and safety matters with both management and union representatives.


  1. To be responsible for:
    a) the identification of likely changes in the legislative framework or recognised good practice on health and safety that would impact on the University’s Health and Safety policies and procedures;
    b) the approval of changes to the University’s Health and Safety policies;
    c) monitoring the implementation of all aspects of agreed University policy on health and safety;
    d) the supervision of a regular series of audits and reviews of safety practice and procedure in the University.
  2. To receive:
    a) reports from the specialist sub-committees:
    i. Biological and Chemical Hazards sub-Committee;
    ii. Fire-Safety sub-Committee;
    iii. Physical Hazards sub-Committee;
    iv. Radiation Protection sub-Committee;
    b) lists of departmental health and safety inspections.
  3. To consider and record the potential equal opportunity impacts on decisions made by the Committee (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).
  4. To report to Council at least three times a year

Reports to


Constitution and membership 2017-18

a) The Registrar and Chief Operating Officer (Chair) (Dave Hall)
b) The Director of Safety Services (Mike Haynes-Coote)
c) The Chairs of the four Health and Safety Sub-Committees

i. Biological and Chemical Hazards (Paul Cullis)

ii. Fire Safety (Caroline Taylor)

iii. Physical Hazards (Penny Jackson)

iv. Radiation Protection (Ian Eperon)

d) The Director of Estates & Campus Services (Brita Sread)
e) The Head of Operations for non-Residential Campus Services (Lorraine Saddington)
f) Health and Well-being Lead (Nicola Junkin)
g) Occupational Health Manager (Cathy Howells)  
h) The Students’ Union Wellbeing Officer (Mollie Henstock)
i) One lay member of Council (Mehmooda Duke, 31 July 2020)
j) One member of clinical academic staff (Peter Bradding, 31 July 2020)
k) One representative from the Colleges (vacancy)
l) Two Representatives from UCU (Mike Mulheran, Andrew Norman)
m) Two Representatives from UNITE (Sulina Hendy, Maxine Gunning)
n) Two Representatives from UNISON (David Frith, Marcin Idaszak)

Duration of appointment

a-h are ex-officio.  Members appointed under g -n shall serve for up 3 years renewable.


Estates and Campus Services (Karen Bignold).

Frequency of meetings

The Committee will normally meet at least three times in each academic year.


Seven, including at least three trade union representatives.