Chairs Secretaries

Chairs and Secretaries for Academic Year 2018/19

Committee  Chair Secretary
Audit Committee  Mr Ian Johnson
Rebecca Lord
Council Dr Bridget Towle
Neil Cox
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Dr Kate Williams Henrietta O'Connor
Finance Committee
Mr Gary Dixon
Rebecca Lord
Health and Safety Committee
Mr Dave Hall
Karen Bignold
Honorary Degrees Committee
Acting Vice-Chancellor
Nigel Siesage
Learning and Teaching Committee Professor Jon Scott Andrew Peterson
Nominations Committee
Dr Bridget Towle
Neil Cox
Remuneration Committee
Dr Bridget Towle
Kate Bradley/Jasmine Halpine
Research and Enterprise Committee
Professor Iain Gillespie
Dr Juliet Bailey/Dr Angharad Roberts 
Senate Acting Vice-Chancellor
Geoff Green (Assistant: Andrew Peterson)
Senior Staff Pay
Acting Vice-Chancellor
Kate Bradley/Jasmine Halpine
Standing Committee of the Alumni Association
Mrs Steph Osborn
Rachel Selfridge (for Claire Ellis-Ross)