September 2018

  Meetings Other
 3 University Leadership Team, 10.00am-2.00pm
Nominations Committee 3.00pm
 4 Investments Committee 10.00am
 5 College Court Conference Centre Board Meeting 11.00am;
Finance Committee 2.00pm;
Staff Health and Wellbeing Steering Group 2.00pm
 6 Leicester Innovation Advisory Board 10.00am  
10 Postgraduate Research Policy Committee 2.00pm  
11 Corporate Portfolio Board 11.00am-12.00pm;
Audit Committee 2.00pm
12 Leicester Services Partnership Board 10.00am
Learning and Teaching Committee 2.00pm
14   General Open Day (all subjects) 
15   General Open Day (all subjects)
17 University Leadership Team 10.00am-2.00pm September Examinations: pass lists issued
19 University Portfolio Management Group (UPMG);
Portfolio Development Workshop 9.00am-1.00pm;
Health and Safety Committee, 2.00pm
22 Family Programme Weekend 2.00pm-5.30pm  
23 Family Programme Weekend 2.00pm-5.30pm  
24 Corporate Portfolio Board, 12.30pm-2.00pm
Autumn Term and First Semester Begin
26 Departmental Committee Meetings (pm)
27 Senior Staff Pay Committee 9.00am (all day);
Stakeholder Pension Scheme: Advisory and Issues Group 10.00am
28 Standing Committee of the Alumni Association 10.30am;
Senior Staff Pay Committee, 9.00am (all day) (if required)
Health and Safety Committee
Health and Safety Committee