February 2019

  Meetings Other
 1 University Staffing Committee 2.00pm   
 2   UCAS Visit Day 
 4 University Leadership Team Strategic Workshop (Day 1)   
 5 University Leadership Team Strategic Workshop (Day 2)   
 6 Finance Committee 10.00am;
Investments Committee 1.00pm;
Travelling Scholarships Panel 2.00pm;
Departmental Committee Meetings (pm)
UCAS Vist Day
 7 University Portfolio Management Group 10.00am;
Enterprise Strategy, Policy and Performance Committee 10.00am;
Collaborative Partnerships Management Group 2.00pm
 8 COURT 11.00am   
 9   UCAS Visit Day
11 University Leadership Team  10.00am-2.00pm;
Joint Negotiation and Consultation Committee 2.00pm
12 Academic Policy Committee 2.00pm   
13 Travelling Scholarships Panel 2.00pm (interviews);
Departmental Committee Meetings (pm) 
UCAS Visit Day
14 Standing Committee of the Alumni Association 10.30am   
15 ISC Academic Management Board 10.00am;
Postgraduate Research Policy Committee 2.00pm
16   UCAS Visit Day
18 Collaborative Partnership Management Group 2.00pm   
20 Departmental Committee Meetings (pm)  UCAS Visit Day
23   UCAS Visit Day 
25 University Leadership Team  10.00am-2.00pm;
Health and Safety Committee 2.00pm;
Stakeholder Pension Scheme: Advisory and Issues 2.00pm
26 Leicester Innovation Advisory Board 10.00am;
Audit Committee 10.00am;
University Executive Board 2.00pm
27 Travelling Scholarships Panel 2.00pm