February 2019

  Meetings Other
 1 University Staffing Committee 2.00pm   
 2   UCAS Visit Day 
 4 University Leadership Team Strategic Workshop (Day 1)   
 5 University Leadership Team Strategic Workshop (Day 2)   
 6 Finance Committee 10.00am;
Investments Committee 1.00pm;
Travelling Scholarships Panel 2.00pm;
Departmental Committee Meetings (pm)
UCAS Vist Day
 7 University Portfolio Management Group 10.00am;
Enterprise Strategy, Policy and Performance Committee 10.00am;
Collaborative Partnerships Management Group 2.00pm
 8 COURT 11.00am   
 9   UCAS Visit Day
11 University Leadership Team  10.00am-2.00pm;
Joint Negotiation and Consultation Committee 2.00pm
13 Travelling Scholarships Panel 2.00pm (interviews);
Departmental Committee Meetings (pm) 
UCAS Visit Day
14 Standing Committee of the Alumni Association 10.30am   
15 ISC Academic Management Board 10.00am;
Postgraduate Research Policy Committee 2.00pm
16   UCAS Visit Day
18 Collaborative Partnership Management Group 2.00pm   
19 Quality and Standards Sub-Committee 2.00pm-4.00pm
20 Departmental Committee Meetings (pm)  UCAS Visit Day
23   UCAS Visit Day 
25 University Leadership Team  10.00am-2.00pm;
Health and Safety Committee 2.00pm;
Stakeholder Pension Scheme: Advisory and Issues 2.00pm
26 Leicester Innovation Advisory Board 10.00am;
Audit Committee 10.00am;
University Executive Board 2.00pm
27 Travelling Scholarships Panel 2.00pm