Governance and management

President and Vice-Chancellor's Office

The President and Vice-Chancellor’s Office supports the President and Vice-Chancellor as the Chief Executive of the University, responsible for the University’s mission, policy and strategic direction and academic leadership of the University.

The Office is the first point of contact for enquiries relating to the President and Vice-Chancellor and handles all diary requests, correspondence and meetings for the President and Vice-Chancellor. The office also works with Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Heads of College, the Registrar’s Office and senior academic and professional services colleagues. Professor Edmund Burke is acting President and Vice-Chancellor.

Registrar's Office

The Registrar and Chief Operating Officer is head of the University's Professional Services. He is responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of the Professional Services which enable the academic mission of the institution, also development and delivery of the University's international strategy. The current Registrar and Chief Operating Officer is Mr David Hall.


The Governance Office manages and co-ordinates the systems, structures, procedures and rules by which the University takes key decisions on its affairs, as well as the formal records of those decisions. This section also includes details of the University’s Council (supreme governing body), Senate and Court.


Here you will find details of the membership, minutes and meeting dates for the committees and boards which meet throughout the year to address various aspects of the University.

Officers and Senior Staff

A formal list of the current incumbents of senior positions within the University.