A culture of equality, diversity and inclusion

Tree made of handprintsOur Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy sets out our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion from 2017 to 2021. It is a public declaration of our commitment to develop a community that is fully inclusive, recruiting and retaining staff and students from all sectors of society.

Our strategic objectives for enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion 2017-2021 

Our strategic objectives for valuing equality and advancing diversity and inclusion build on commitments made within the Discovering People Strategy (2016), which supports the University’s wider Strategic Plan (2015). Our objectives translate how we will meet these commitments through our Equality Action Plan, which sets out our priority actions, timescales, key performance indicators and targets. 

  1. Embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into all aspects of University life 
  2. Use robust reliable equalities data to target our activities 
  3. Attract, retain, develop and support an excellent diverse staff and student population 
  4. Provide evidence of progress and clear measurable action in equality charters 

If you need more information about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the University, please contact the EDI Team on: equalities@le.ac.uk 

Dignity and respect at Leicester

Following the launch of our Standing Together against Bullying Pledge, the University is firmly committed to sustaining an inclusive learning, working and research environment characterised by respect and dignity, and free from harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination. 

The Dignity and Respect at Leicester Policy and associated documents outline with clear definitions and examples, what unacceptable behaviours are and the processes in place to address, deal with and report them.  Each member of the University community is expected to: 

  • Behave with respect and courtesy at all times 
  • Contribute to ensuring that the University is welcoming and safe 
  • Ensure that their behaviour is not offensive, is free from harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination.

To ensure we live up to our pledge, we have channels for staff and students to report any unacceptable behaviours they encounter during their time with us.