Standing Together is the University of Leicester’s commitment to creating an inclusive University which supports members in working, learning and studying, without the concern of unwanted behaviours. This is the first time the University has engaged with a campaign on this scale, and the first time Universities are joining together to change the culture within higher education.

The campaign began as a collaboration between the University, Students’ Union and students in 2015 which was developed, drawing on Office for Students funding, in 2017 in order to tackle the international issue of sexual harassment and sexual violence on University campuses.

As work has continued, the campaign has expanded to take on other unacceptable behaviours and issues such as bullying and hate, as well as bringing together different teams from across the institution, to now encompass a whole-University approach to preventing unwanted behaviour. Standing Together aims to help us bring all of these elements under one banner, drawing upon a wealth of support and research expertise from academic teams.

In Standing Together against these behaviours, we are making a clear statement that students and staff are united in creating a campus culture of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Most importantly, all the work under Standing Together helps to highlight the support options available to those who have been affected. Please visit the campaign sub-pages to find more information on supporting those affected by unwanted behaviours. For a full list of support services, please visit Leicester Talks.

For more information about how to get help, please visit the Need Help pages.