IMPACT 10x10x10 Champions

We have been chosen as one of 10 universities worldwide to partner with the United Nations.

The UN selected IMPACT champions from various industries and countries to create a truly representative slate of partners. The program engages 10 world leaders, 10 corporations and 10 universities globally to identify approaches for addressing gender inequality and to test the effectiveness of these interventions for scalability.

Those selected are believed to be best positioned to advance gender equality and to influence change within their sectors, communities and or/countries. IMPACT champions were also selected based on their reputation for strong ethical practices and equitable gender policies; their demonstration of global excellence in public service; their global reach; and their commitment to gender equality.

We will work towards:

1) Closing the gap between men and women in key academic and career areas, in both directions

We are dedicated to achieving gender parity for undergraduates, graduates, and faculty members. Setting the tone from the top, the University will aim to increase the representation of women in leadership and faculty positions, to achieve 30% representation of women in professorships by 2020 (1.5% per annum increase).

Taking a true ‘HeForShe’ approach, we have identified the six disciplines with the largest disparity between male and female enrolment, committing to aim for a percentage-point-change towards gender parity every year; the University will support men to pursue psychology, as well as women passionate about engineering.

2) Creating a cultural transformation around gender

We aim to ensure all students and staff feel empowered to pursue their ambitions; the University will accelerate its progress towards gender parity by integrating a gender challenge and equality and diversity awareness into activities including induction, curricula, careers guidance and partnership arrangements. Our HeForShe team will highlight gender equality externally and internally, elevating the conversation around equality, to reach a broad audience of men and women.

3) Make public the conversation around gender, provide transparency, and actively monitor progress on these issues

We will highlight gender equality externally and internally, elevating the conversations to ensure they are reaching a broad audience of men and women. The University will actively track progress on gender equality, identifying strong performers and laggards. The University will use HeForShe as a platform to galvanize students, and hold the university accountable to progress on an annual basis.

We will also develop and implement a gender sensitisation curriculum for students and staff, alongside programmes which will address gender-based violence. The University will frequently meet with other IMPACT Champions, to share initiatives and good practice.