Equality data

As a higher education provider, we will continue to demonstrate how we meet the requirements of the Equality Act, known as The Public Equality Duty. The public equality duties consist of a general duty and further specific duties. The general duty takes the form of broad equality requirements. The specific duties outline how we as a public body is required to go about achieving the general duty. Taken together the Public Equality Duty requires us to be proactive in approach.

The General Equality Duty requires us to demonstrate how we ensure due regard to: 

  • Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation in relation to the characteristics highlighted within the strategy statement.
  • Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a characteristic and those who do not. 
  • Foster good relations between people who share a characteristic and those who do not.

Equality information reports

The information available from this page is designed to give an overall indication of the position of the University with respect to those protected characteristics about which data is currently collected. It is used to guide further EDI work set objectives. Further analysis may be possible where there are particular concerns. This information is published in fulfilment of the specific duties for public bodies contained in the Equality Act 2010.



Gender pay gap reporting

The University's gender pay gap information, as published on the Government website is:

  • Women’s hourly rate is 24.1% lower (mean) and 22.7% lower (median)
  • Top salary quartile has 61.4% men and 38.6% women
  • Upper middle salary quartile has 45.3% men and 54.7% women
  • Lower middle salary quartile has 37.7% men and 62.3% women
  • Lower salary quartile has 35.1% men and 64.9% women
  • Women’s bonus pay is 56.3% lower (mean) and 0% lower (median)
  • 7.6% of men and 4.8% of women received bonus pay

More information is available in the University's full Gender Pay Gap Report (PDF, 2.48mb) and Gender Pay Gap FAQs (PDF, 215kb)