T3 initiative

Our College Athena SWAN Taskforces aim to influence college wide activity, improvement and change in key areas. Driven by individuals across the college, these projects will ensure the sharing of good practice and deliver a uniform level of support to all staff and students.

Our first taskforce areas have been identified because:

  • Substantial work has already taken place around the topic
  • It affects all groups of staff
  • It is a significant recognised gap in our activity to date.

Taskforce areas


Much work has been undertaken around induction but the need for a collective college wide process that can just be adapted locally for individual centres and departments would mean we were confident that all new staff are afforded the same welcome and opportunity to progress.


Extensive work has been done around mentoring, particularly for early career researchers. It is well recognised that all groups of staff (academic, technical, research, professional and support staff) should be afforded the same opportunity to have a mentor, if they wish. A specific challenge is the linking of mentees with mentors and the task force would work specifically on a College wide mentor connect programme.

Clinical academic support and progression

We know that the challenge of progressing in a clinical academic career is particularly difficult for women. Whilst half of doctors are women, only 13% of all clinical professors are women. Working with the Leicester Women in Medicine Network, local goals can be identified to provide local support and voice to this group.

T3 initiative summary

The T3 initiative was three taskforces running concurrently for three months to achieve three clear goals. The idea being that a taskforce is time limited, this doesn’t mean that it was necessary for each task to be complete within three months, but there will have been focussed efforts to progress three key initiatives within a three month time frame. Each task force met three times during that time and each delivered at least three agreed objectives. These achievements were written into a short report for presentation at an Athena SWAN SAT or T3 workshop. The idea is that the activity will become ‘business as usual’ as new taskforces take on new challenges in the workplace.

This method of working will allow all members of the SAT to own and progress activity.