A culture of equality in which everyone is valued

We are proud of all our staff and students and celebrate their achievements.

We are leading the way in terms of gender equality, as one of only 10 universities worldwide to be leading the He4She campaign, but our commitment to diversity, equalities and people who flourish cuts across the entire institution.

I am HeForShe

Difference is a strength. Our people are our greatest asset and we will help them develop and achieve when we allow them to be themselves. Our commitment to supporting greater equality across all of the protected characteristics, and embracing diversity in all its forms, has never been clearer.

There can be no better indication of future intention and ambition to fully embrace diversity and drive equality than to be selected  by the United Nations as one of only ten universities worldwide to be HeForShe partners. The University has been selected because of the personal commitment of our President and Vice-Chancellor and also because we have outlined a credible but ambitious set of commitments.

The commitments fall within the following three broad ambitions:

  • Close the gap between men and women in key academic and career areas, in both directions
  • Raise awareness of gender norms, biases, and gaps at all levels by embedding it in the culture of the university, and the decisions staff and students make
  • Make public the conversation around gender, provide transparency, and actively monitor progress on these issues

The journey toward realising these commitments will not only require the attainment of detailed and specific targets in terms of gender representation but also underlying cultural change. For instance we would like to quickly establish a culture that encourages and legitimises male staff to balance career and caring responsibilities or see far more women in leadership roles within the University. Our well established and now extended Athena SWAN machinery will be an important facilitator of this change programme that we are convinced will encourage and reveal talent and offer great opportunities to those whose talents have hitherto remained unfulfilled.