Discovery-led learning

“Student involvement is central to our journey of discovery.”

student working in the libraryWe take great pride in the strength of our learning culture and in the passion for excellence that informs both our teaching and our support for students. An education at the University of Leicester — undergraduate, postgraduate, on-campus, overseas or as part of continuing professional development — must be enriching and transforming.

We will focus our energies on ensuring that students gain the utmost benefit from their time with us, including maximum momentum in their professional careers. We will also work to ensure that Leicester’s achievements exert a greater influence on national and international approaches to effective learning and student success. In these tasks, our priorities include:

Pathways: new and innovative approaches to education

Through the Pathways Project, undergraduate students will enjoy the most flexible curriculum in the UK and will be able to combine a major and minor in different disciplines across most of our subject areas, with dozens of new minors being developed in interdisciplinary areas and vocational niches. We are also changing our extensive portfolio of master's programmes to provide students with greater flexibility and maximum professional advantage.

Graduates with talent

To foster students’ employability and success in professional careers, we are engaging employers and graduate recruiters even more directly in our curriculum and teaching. This is being accomplished through advisory boards, co-authoring of provision, co-funded studentships, student enterprise projects and start-up schemes, and ‘earn and learn’ degrees. We will ensure that every student has an opportunity to share the outcomes of research-informed learning with a variety of our partners and to gain personal and professional benefit from being a volunteer, peer mentor, ambassador, intern or guide. We will also make increased use of our alumni as mentors and role models.

Broadening access and participation

As we continue our efforts to widen participation and increase access, we are launching a campaign to develop an educational outreach centre and to support research into how universities can best contribute to social mobility. Through formal access programmes and a broad commitment to outreach, as well as a focus on lifelong learning, we will explore ways to encourage all talented students to consider and enter higher education.

Internationalised learning and teaching

Every Leicester programme will make a contribution to the internationalisation of our curriculum, our teaching and our students’ experiences, so that every Leicester graduate is ready for the wider world. Building on our pioneering role in distance learning, we are also developing a blended and flexible approach in which students in Leicester and across the globe can benefit from a Leicester education at a pace and in a way that best suits them.

Students as partners in learning

Close and constructive relationships with our students will be enshrined in a Staff and Student Charter, a range of departmental and institutional partnership projects to improve our students’ learning and experience, and a bi-annual Forum, hosted by senior leaders and open to all students, to explore future directions for our university.

Fabulous First Year

As the successful journey of each and every student is at the heart of our approach, we will implement our Schools and Colleges Partnerships, which focus on building the most effective possible links between schools, colleges and our university. This will be complemented by our Fabulous First Year, an approach to first-year teaching, assessment and support that ensures an effective transition to university study and university life and builds the skills that will help our students flourish throughout their time here.