Discovery-led learning

student working in the libraryWe will put student benefit at the heart of our decisions about education and the student experience, because our students matter.

  • We will continue to nurture our distinctive approach, which genuinely blends teaching and research.
  • We will increase the range and focus of our academic portfolio and provide the most flexible curriculum in the UK.
  • We will design and deliver the best campus-based and online educational experience we can envisage, inviting our students to learn anywhere, at anytime and to recognise that learning takes place outside as well as inside the classroom.
  • We will deliver teaching – and encourage learning – that is transformative, demanding and enjoyably challenging.
  • We will draw upon and contribute to the international awareness, experience and aspirations of our students and staff and develop an internationalised curriculum, which looks outward and engages us in the most important global questions.
  • As part of our focus on student success and retention, we will provide a sector-leading induction into higher education and the first year.
  • We have an unyielding commitment to wider participation in higher education and will do everything we can to enable the access and success of any student whose potential would best be developed by our approach to learning.
  • We will recognise, reward and celebrate excellence in teaching, learning and student support. We will do everything we can to develop, share and promote a culture of improvement and innovation in education.
  • We will work closely with employers and graduate recruiters to foster a culture of student enterprise and to ensure that our students develop the skills and dispositions that tomorrow’s professions demand.
  • We will engage our undergraduate and postgraduate students in a dialogue about their education, encouraging each student to play a role in improving the learning and experience of all students.
  • We will build stronger relationships with our alumni, encouraging them to embody – and help us articulate – the distinctive qualities of the Leicester Graduate.