Discovery-enabling culture

several people in suits putting their hands togetherWe expect excellence. We will foster a culture that actively supports all of our staff in fulfilling their potential, sharing their ideas and experiences and learning through leading. We know that a culture that helps us flourish will also make the very best people want to come and join us.

  • We value ambition, creativity and imagination, and we will trust ourselves to experiment and be bold. We will allow each other to take reasonable risks, acknowledge and learn from mistakes and support each other in the challenge of improvement.
  • Our approach to career enhancement will build expertise and confidence and encourage our staff to be transformative in their work and ambitions.
  • We will ensure that excellence in all of its forms is recognised, rewarded and shared.
  • We will focus on the importance of values and an atmosphere of respect, including a culture that not only recognises but also promotes equality and diversity.
  • We will identify, celebrate and promote what Leicester does well and what Leicester does better than anyone else.
  • We will recognise the benefit we gain from our location in the UK’s most multicultural city and from the one-third of our staff and students who have international backgrounds. We will encourage all staff and students to seek out opportunities and interactions that build their international experience, cultural awareness and global perspective.
  • Across our institution, we will strive to build relationships based on trust, maintain a transparent and evidence-based approach to decision-making and take an approach to the future that is both decisive and collegial.
  • We will focus on our social responsibilities and the positive impact that our staff and students can have on the lives of others, emphasising a culture of responsible citizenship that has local as well as global dimensions.