What is PROUD?

The University of Leicester contributes significantly to the city of Leicester, the surrounding county of Leicestershire and further afield. We have a longstanding reputation of working alongside many local agencies, groups and other stakeholders. As a major institution our impact within the local economy is considerable. We add massive value to the stock of learning and education in schools and colleges via our outreach and widening participation programmes and adult learning courses.

But we know that we can do more. We also know that what we do is often not recognised. We want to engage more actively with our local communities as partners to our future development plans.

We are working on being good neighbours to our local communities. We recognise that the University impacts greatly on those communities alongside our campus and facilities elsewhere in the city. We are committed to working alongside people who live close by us to build strong community relations, designed to address issues and problems. We aim to increase the scope for consultation with our local communities and find ways to involve them in our plans. We will do this through a ‘community development’ approach using dedicated staff to whom local people can have immediate access and with whom they can work collaboratively. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • CSR is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment in which it operates.
  • It is corporate self-regulation built into a business model and communications plan.
  • It involves creating actions that appear to further social good.
  • Good CSR creates positivity surrounding the University of Leicester.
  • Our CSR impacts locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


We have chosen five core themes and one underpinning theme around which our CSR Strategy will be developed. These have been selected with input from some of our key partners and in discussion with our local communities and are based on a review of local strategic priorities, data and other sources of relevant information. They have been chosen because they are important to the city and the county and because they are areas in which we can make meaningful contributions.

  • Each of the strategic themes has great human interest potential and interlocks in a circular fashion.
  • The strategic themes work together creating a linear connection reflecting the past, present and future.
  • The strategic themes provide a coherent background to all activities, acting as a ‘backbone’ through which communications are referred back.
  • Building on the strengths of the city we will recognise what needs to change and ensure that the part we have to play is implemented.
  • These strategic themes have been selected as a result of the work we’ve already undertaken, they are evidenced based and clearly align with the needs of our local communities

PROUD Themes