City Life and Social Order

Module code: SY3080

Module co-ordinator: Shirley Beller

In this module we will trace the development of the capitalist city from its industrial origins to the present day and consider how and in what ways the built environment impacts on the social life of city dwellers. In tandem with this, we will also consider perceptions of crime in the city with particular reference to young people.

Topics covered

  • How important is community to a sense of self identity?
  • What part do class, ethnicity, and religion play in the formation of communities?
  • Is community still possible in late modernity?
  • How important is the nighttime economy to late modern city life?
  • How does 'youth crime' affect the use of public spaces?
  • How have restorative justice principles been applied to young offenders and what are the links to community?


  • Eighteen one-hour lectures
  • Eight one-hour seminars


  • Exam (100%)