Physics Skills and Professional Development 1

Module code: PA1000
Module co-ordinator: Dr Mervyn Roy

In this module you will develop skills that are essential in the study of physics alongside transferrable skills that you will need later on the course which will benefit your future career.

Working in a small tutorial group overseen by a member of academic staff, you will cover problem solving and written and oral communication skills. These will relate to both core physics and maths topics and the research work in the department. You will also have the opportunity to give feedback on the course.

During integrated career development sessions you will take part in activities designed to improve your employability. You will reflect upon your personal and professional development and devise strategies to articulate your physics and transferrable skills expertise to potential employers. You will also be able to attend the University’s Festival of Careers.

On completing the careers part of this module you will receive the Leicester Award level 1 and level 2. This is a good edition for your CV and will make you eligible for the optional Leicester Award Gold scheme in which you will have the opportunity to work directly with some of the University’s partners from industry.

Topics covered

  • Problem solving in physics and maths
  • Communication skills
  • Study skills, including note taking, revision and exam technique, avoiding plagiarism and time management
  • Career development and planning


  • 9 hours of lectures
  • 14 hours of practicals/workshops
  • 16 hours of tutorials
  • 9 hours of guided independent study


There is no formal assessment of this module but you will be expected to attend all the sessions.