Marketing, Design and Operations

Module code: MN7557

Module co-ordinator: Professor Mike Saren

Module Outline

In the long run, marketing success or failure is determined by the ability of the organisation to deliver value to customers and achieve sustainable competitive advantage in those sectors and markets in which it chooses to compete. The tools of analysis which explain and inform such marketing design and operational decisions are the core subjects of this module.

Topics covered

  • The role of marketing and a customer orientation in contributing to organisational ability to deliver customer value.
  • The nature and impact that external and internal factors have on the design and operation of marketing strategies.
  • The management of marketing, operations and the supply chain to enable delivery of value to the customer.
  • Marketing methods and frameworks for improving marketing performance with a focus on understanding customers.


  • Six hours of lectures
  • Six hours of tutorials
  • 96 hours of guided independent study


2,000-2,500 word essay (100%)