Organisational Behaviour

Module code: MN7501

Module co-ordinator: Dr Olga Suhomlinova

Module Outline

Appreciating how structures and cultures influence organisational change is a critical consideration for contemporary managers. This module develops the knowledge of frameworks for the analysis of organisations and management, and the professional skills of critically evaluating organisational processes and developing options for improvement.

Topics covered

  • Influence of individual ability and personality on work-related behaviours.
  • Motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Forces affecting group processes and performance.
  • Nature and implications of power and politics in organisations.
  • Problems involved in decision making on individual, group and organisational level.
  • Organisational culture and its role.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of particular organisational structures, with particular reference to organisational contingencies.
  • Organisational processes and options for improvement.


  • Six hours of lectures
  • Six hours of tutorials
  • 101 hours of guided independent study


3,000-4,000 word essay (100%)