Accounting Analysis and Valuation: Private and Public Sectors

Module code: MN7244

Financial statements are the primary source of information about organisations. One of the main aims of financial statements is to help users of accounting information to determine the value of organisations and their activities.

In this module we will look into detail at the purpose and process of financial statement analysis and valuation. We will also focus on the analysis of the quality of financial statements and explore ways of identifying earnings management practices. You will also develop a comparative understanding of valuation of organisations and their performances across private and public sectors.

Topics covered

  • Comparison between private and public sector accounting and valuation
  • Cash Flows and Accrual Accounting
  • Reformulation of Financial Statements for Valuation
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Economic Value and Accounting Value
  • Quality of Earnings Analysis
  • Issues in public sector accounting


  • 20 hours of lectures
  • 5 hours of seminars
  • 125 hours of independent study


  • Exam, 1.5 hours (70%)
  • Numerical coursework (30%)