House Hour

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All students in the Department are divided into four Houses: Noether House, Gauss House, Newton House, Euler House 

A House is a community of staff and students which provides a support structure for the academic and social aspects of the students’ University life. It helps students develop strong ties and friendships with fellow students, gives them a sense of belonging and opportunities to develop their leadership, mentoring, and teamwork skills. 

Some of the goals of the House System include: 

To create a structure and timetabled activities of the student body, which will help the associated staff members to become more familiar with the students in their Houses, fostering a more personal connection between staff and students;

  • To give the students a sense of belonging; 
  • To create rituals to mark important events in the lives of the students;
  • To organise the lives of the students by providing a framework for work and social activities;
  • To provide a natural setting for competition among students, both mathematical and athletic;
  • To organise the teaching of small groups to mesh with the House System;
  • To provide a framework for peer support and mentoring of junior students by senior students;
  • To provide students with a forum for presentations and public speaking. 

The associated staff members of the House include the House Tutor and Personal Tutors. Students will maintain their association with the House throughout their studies at Leicester. Each House will have a site on Blackboard and all the information on the structure of student support, announcements, activities, discussion boards, and chats on House-related subjects can be found there. 

The life of a House is organised around regular meetings of associated staff and students during the House Hour.


  • Attendance only