Brexit: The Future of the UK in Europe

Module code: LW7263
Module coordinator: Professor Katja Ziegler

There has never been a more exciting time to study the relationship of the UK with the EU and EU law than since the momentous decision of the UK to withdraw from the EU following a referendum in June 2016 and the handing over of a formal notification to withdraw under Article 50 TEU in March 2017, triggering a two year ‘running of the clock’ until the UK’s exit from the EU. This decision will have an impact on the UK and the EU for decades to come, far beyond the legal implications discussed in this module. During these two years, the UK and the EU face the challenge to negotiate the terms of withdrawal before the negotiations of a future agreement, on trade in particular, will be able to begin. At the same time the UK will need to grapple with the constitutional, legal and practical questions of managing the untangling or continued effect of vast amounts of EU law pervading many policy areas in the UK legal order. 

This module seeks to discuss the Brexit process and debates as they evolve, while at the same time providing a snapshot of the basics of EU law which are at the heart of the debate. Teaching will be delivered by a number of faculty specialising in the respective topics.