Understanding English and Welsh Communities and Cultures, c. 1800–2000

Module code: HS7130

In this module, you'll explore a wide array of themes and approaches in the study of English and Welsh regional communities and cultures between c. 1750 and 2000.

Through a variety of different fields of study, you'll explore the core themes of community, identity, and cultural regions, assessing how these changed over a period of intense change in British society.

Topics covered

  • Art, landscape painting and prospects of the poor
  • The regional novel: exploring regions in fiction
  • Insiders and outsiders: local belonging and identities
  • Churchyards: local cultures in stone and their analysis
  • The regional ‘family economy’: gender, courtship and change
  • Occupational cultures and the rise of class
  • The New Poor Law: regionality perpetuated? Sources for the New Poor Law
  • Geographies of Victorian religion: spiritual heartlands and regions
  • The London Jewish community
  • The 19th and 20th century countryside
  • Gypsies and ‘gorgios’: outsiders and dominant cultures
  • Anthropological approaches to local history
  • Victorian photography: capturing ways of life
  • Oral history: methods and possibilities


  • 30 hours of lectures
  • 270 hours of guided independent study


  • Book review, 2,500 words (33%)
  • Research project, 5,000 words (67%)