HS7080 New Approaches to Landscapes, Buildings and Objects

Module code: HS7080

Module co-ordinator: Dr Lisanne Gibson

Module Outline

This module is led by the School of Museum Studies and provides a guide to conservation policy within the UK and beyond. In recent years the human sciences have taken a material ‘turn’; scholars have become increasingly interested in breaking down conventional distinctions between the human and material worlds and in exploring the world of artefacts, from pipes to buildings. In this module students will explore some of the new approaches to material culture and its application to urban conservation and heritage in museums, historic sites and landscapes. Taught by specialists in Leicester’s world leading Department of Museum Studies students will learn about the new ways in which the historic environments of the city have come to be analysed and understood, and the new policies evolved internationally to preserve and display them.


  • Lectures
  • Small group teaching
  • Guest lectures
  • Self-directed learning
  • Resource-based learning
  • Independent research


  • Report 2,300-2,500 words
  • Research Essay 3,500-4,000 words