Historical Research Methods

Module code: HS7005

Module co-ordinator: Dr Zoe Knox

Module Outline

This module will equip you with the methodological and analytical skills to carry out high level academic research, the results of which will be seen in your dissertation. It is taught by a number of colleagues from across the School and will introduce you to their specialist expertise. The course consists of 4 blocks of teaching. In connections and transformations you will reflect on processes of historical change. Historical sources and analysis encourages you to think critically about the creation, survival, interpretation and analysis of different kinds of historical sources. Descriptive statistics for historians helps you to interpret and present data in an appropriate form. For the final block of seminars you choose a specialist option for more detailed examination. These will include GIS, palaeography, textual sources, and visual sources. Teaching is through seminars, workshops, directed reading and group work. There are a range of individual and group assessments.


  • 2 one-hour workshops
  • 30 one-hour seminars
  • 8 one-hour tutorials


  • Poster presentation  (20%)
  • Essay (30%)
  • Group oral presentation (20%)
  • Practical research exercise (30%)