American History since 1877

Module code: HS1014

Module co-ordinator: Dr Andrew Johnstone 

Module Outline

This module will survey the history of the United States since 1877, introducing students to key events, issues and themes as a basis for further specialised study in American history. There will be an exploration of several themes in late nineteenth and twentieth century American history: these may vary from year to year, but may include: the tension between the United States’ rural life and values and its urban destiny; the development of the imperial presidency; the relationship of the United States to the world; the position of women and ethnic minorities in the United States; and the role of ideology in American life and politics. The module will also bring together social, cultural, economic and political approaches, through the examination of some famous - and often peculiar - landmarks, artefacts and ideas in modern American history.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Lectures, seminars, directed reading, independent guided study.

Assessment Methods

Formative assessment, essay, examination.