Making History

Module code: HS1000 (double module)

This module is an introduction to using resources and researching history at university, it will cover using the library, and the wealth of materials that it has on offer. There will be some teamwork involved where you will work through problems together, and will end in you delivering a presentation. Throughout the module you'll advance your knowledge on a particular topic through the use of your research skills.


  • 16 hours of lectures
  • 8 hours of tutorials
  • 4 hours of demonstration
  • 4 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 20 hours of work-based learning
  • 248 hours of guided independent study


  • Bibliographic exercise (25%)
  • Online research and reflection: 'Great History Conundrum' puzzle solving (17%)
  • Online research and reflection: 'Great History Conundrum' forum posts (17%)
  • Online research and reflection: 'Great History Conundrum' poster and presentation (16%)
  • Oral presentation (25%)