Furnishing the Country House in 18th Century Britain

Module code: HA7509

This module introduces the field of furniture history and will equip you with the tools necessary to examine, analyse, and interpret country house furniture and furnishing schemes from the long eighteenth century. The first four units address thematic aspects, including the role of pattern books in promoting and disseminating fashionable styles and the use of woods and veneers. You will learn about furniture styles and schemes, including early eighteenth-century Classicism, Rococo, Chinoiserie, Gothic Revival, Neoclassicism, and Regency Revival. The final unit addresses antiquarian and Romantic furniture collections. When you have completed this module, you will be able to analyse the broad gamut of eighteenth-century furniture and furnishing schemes found in British country houses.


  • 300 hours of guided independent study


  • Essay, 5,000 words (100%)