Geographical Research Design (Overseas Field Course)

Module code: GY2435

This module teaches techniques in Research Design. It helps you to understand the main steps of formulating a research proposal (posing research questions; framing aims, objectives and hypotheses; devising scientific rationales and justifications; designing data collection protocols and sampling strategies), collecting data through field work, analysing data using a range of statistical techniques and writing up your findings in the form of reports and posters. You will apply your knowledge gained from modules taken during the first and second year to develop research projects during the week-long field trip to Almeria in SE Spain.


  • 6 hours of lectures
  • 4 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 2 hours of tutorials
  • 54 hours of fieldwork
  • 4 hours of project supervision
  • 230 hours of guided independent study


  • Group fieldwork poster (30%)
  • Fieldwork report (20%)
  • Dissertation research proposal (50%)