English Language and Linguistics Research

Module code: EN7732

Module co-ordinator: Dr Cathleen Waters

This module trains students in the essential skills and resources of research in English linguistics at postgraduate level. The module is designed to give students both knowledge and practical experience of research methods vital to the subfields of linguistics, and to ensure that all students are familiar with the academic conventions governing the presentation of a bibliography, an essential part of essays and the dissertation. Topics covered include conducting a literature search; gathering data: research design, ethics, and practices; working with data: datasets, corpora, and software packages for analysis; presenting and disseminating research; and collaborative research: constructing, performing, and evaluating.

By the end of the module, you will be able to...

  • Locate and critically assess relevant research materials on electronic databases, the internet, and in printed catalogues and reference works
  • Produce appropriately referenced bibliographies and use appropriate style guides for this discipline
  • Demonstrate experience of and evaluate the basic techniques for collecting data in the various areas of linguistics, and comply with the ethical guidelines published by relevant research bodies
  • Select and justify your choice of research method, data, and interpretation in the context of current research in the field


The module's five weekly two-hour sessions each take a particular research topic or method and present it as a problem-based task. Through a mixture of seminars, workshops, private study, and group work, you will gain practical experience of applying research skills as you learn them.


  • One 4,000-word portfolio, collecting outputs from a series of problem-based tasks