Research Methods in English Language and Linguistics

Module code: EN7232

This module provides an overview of the principles and practices of researching English Language and Linguistics at postgraduate level. The module is organised around the typical elements of an research project, spanning the development of research questions, ethical considerations, and the mechanisms for data collection and data analysis, as well as the principles of a literature review, and the various linguistic resources that are available for undertaking research within the field. Each seminar takes a particular project stage as its focus, and you will develop your understanding of this topic through worked examples, class exercises and discussion. This module provides the essential foundation for undertaking postgraduate-level research, and will inform your work on other modules throughout the MA, leading to and culminating in your MA dissertation.

The module is assessed through three short assessments (weighted 10%, 40% and 50% respectively), each linked to a specific topic, which will allow you to get valuable feedback on your study skills and techniques.


  • 10 hours of seminars
  • 140 hours of guided independent study


  • Portfolio 1 (10%)
  • Portfolio 2 (40%)
  • Portfolio 3 (50%)