The English Country House in Literature (MA in Victorian Studies, MA in English Studies)

Module code: EN7222

Module co-ordinator: Dr Julian North

For many centuries, the English country house has served as a social context for the production of literature and as a rich source of inspiration for settings and themes in many of the great works of British literature. Country houses have been places of refuge, reflection, and inspiration for authors. The owners of country houses have often either been authors themselves or have acted as literary patrons. In addition to their exploration of the country house as a literary trope, the novels, poems, and plays that we will study on this module are valuable sources of information on every facet of the English country house, including its architecture and the social and economic life of country house communities. By the end of the module, you'll be able to assess the contribution of the country house to British literature both historically and in terms of changing literary representations.


This module consists of ten weekly seminars covering examples of English country house literature from the seventeenth- to the twenty-first century.


  • One 4,000-word essay or two 2,000-word essays. (Please note that this differs from the requirements of EN7215, the 30-credit version of this module taken by MA Country House students.)