Applications: Publishing, Teaching and Other Stories

Module code: EN7042

As its name suggests, this semester-long module considers the vocational and professional aspects of Creative Writing. Whilst the first-semester module Research Methods in Creative Writing is primarily concerned with the academic context of Creative Writing, this second-semester module broadens out from the university workshop, to consider the wider, professional arena of Creative Writing and its dissemination in the community.

The module considers the dissemination of Creative Writing in public spheres (e.g. through publication and performance), and the many other fields to which the transferable skills developed by Creative Writing can be applied.

Teaching methods may include writing workshops, guest lectures from the professional writing world, talks on publishing, oral presentations and other formats. Your final assessment can be written in various forms, such as: a piece of Creative Writing written for a specific professional brief, a self-published work, a commentary on an aspect of the professional writing world and so on.

Topics covered

  • The varieties of teaching opportunities available for Creative Writing practitioners
  • The role of literary agents
  • Major and independent publishing
  • Literary magazines
  • Writing in performance, and oral presentations


  • 20 hours of seminars
  • 280 hours of guided independent study


  • Oral presentation or workshop (10%)
  • Summative work of 4,000 words or equivalent (90%). Options include:
    • sample lesson and/or course plan
    • proposal plus sample of writing for a specific publisher
    • essay on aspect of the professional writing world
    • creative piece (3,000 words, or 7-9 pages of poetry/script) written for a specific brief from the professional writing world, plus accompanying commentary (1,000 words) which contextualises the work in relation to the professional literary world