A Literary Genre: The Novel

Module code: EN1020 (double module)

‘A Literary Genre: The Novel’ is a module about the history of the novel and how its characteristics are deployed and developed by authors. The module focuses on six individual novels that deploy a range genre conventions (from the Gothic, to classic Victorian Realism and onwards to the Postmodern). Beyond looking closely at these novels, this module offers training in recognising literary conventions and historical contexts that are crucial to thinking analytically about all novels. You will be encouraged to think and write about the influence authors have had on one another. Furthermore, you will be guided to connect your personal reading experience to the discipline of English as an academic study. In other words, by moving between the specific (your responses to the six novels) and the general (the development of the novel in historical context), the module will equip you with the critical tools to analyse the literary genre of the novel.


  • 10 hours of lectures
  • 10 hours of seminars
  • 4 hours of practical classes/workshops
  • 276 hours of guided independent study


  • 1,500 word exercise (30%)
  • 2,500 word essay (70%)