Design and Verification of High Integrity Embedded Systems

Module code: EG7520
Module co-ordinator: Dr Luciano Ost

Ensuring failsafe operation of both software and hardware is a mandatory requirement in critical embedded systems. This module will give you a thorough grounding in critical embedded systems design and verification techniques, including worst-case execution times and processor loading, as well as existing and bespoke techniques for testing such systems.

We will review a range of tools, mechanisms and approaches commonly used in the design of high reliable and critical embedded systems. We will also look at examples of good software design practices, coding standards guidelines and how to apply them to high integrity embedded system implementations.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to main reliability concerns in embedded system design
  • Software development methodologies and techniques
  • Task management and scheduling
  • Testing and verification techniques for reliable embedded systems
  • Software quality standards and certification


  • 12 one-hour lectures
  • 25 one-hour practicals


  • Lab exercises (40%)
  • Case study (60%)