Modelling and Classification of Data

Module code: EG7013

In this module, you will apply deterministic and statistical modelling techniques to particular application problems and we will cover the following:

  • Learning to select a particular method from standard pattern recognition techniques such as linear discriminant functions, fuzzy and neural networks
  • Demonstrating an understanding on random variables and concepts from information theory, being able to fit a distribution to data collected in the field and other skills
  • Calculating error probability for a statistical classifier
  • Calculating optical decision boundaries for data classification problems and recognise different forms of pattern recognition problems such as classification and regression
  • Implementing Bayes classification methods which might be required in dealing with large volumes of data via computer tools


  • 20 hours of lectures
  • 2 hours of practicals
  • 128 hours of guided independent study


  • Written exam, 2 hours (70%)
  • Computer exam, 2 hours (30%)