Issues in Mathematics Education

Module codes: ED7618, ED7619

Module co-ordinator: Dr Susan Forsythe

What’s really important in mathematics teaching today? This option allows you to discuss topical issues associated with maths teaching with other educational professionals seeking to develop their practice. You will explore your own teaching and examine some of the dilemmas and challenges facing teachers of mathematics in different settings and across the whole age range. We will take areas of math -s such as algebraic reasoning, ratio and proportional reasoning, geometry and measures, probability and statistics - and consider the theoretical underpinning of teaching and learning of those topics.

Topics covered

  • What helps and hinders pupils’ learning?
  • How the use of technology can affect the learning and the teaching of mathematics
  • The role of written and spoken language in mathematical learning and assessment


  • Online support through active use of Blackboard, the University’s virtual learning environment
  • The support of a personal tutor
  • Self-directed study
  • Collaboration in a Lesson Study cycle with at least one other colleague in your school/college


  • Reflective writing: Identifying the relevant issues in your own practice
  • Critical evaluation of an academic article
  • An oral presentation
  • Research report: Case study or mini action research project