Lesson Study

Module code: ED7614, ED7615

Module co-coordinator: Dr Wasyl Cajkler

Lesson study is a way of researching and understanding teaching and learning that has been in wide use in Japan since 1870. It was introduced to the UK around 2000 and the University of Leicester is becoming recognised as a centre of excellence in using lesson study nationally. In a lesson study, a group of teachers work together to plan, deliver and analyse a series of ‘research lessons’ or ‘study lessons’ devised to improve the way they teach something or the way particular learners learn something. Join our team of lesson study experts and your peers to improve teaching and learning in your own school through this dynamic and truly collaborative approach.

In this module you will learn how to implement Lesson Study as part of shared good practice in your own professional setting, working in collaboration with other colleagues. We will identify the elements of Lesson Study cycles and outline critical approaches to planning learning collaboratively. As so much relies on high-quality observation, we will discuss the basic principles of lesson observation and apply these principles to a case study. You will undertake a Lesson Study cycle with at least one other colleague. You will then be encouraged to share your findings and understanding through different media.


  • Online support through active use of Blackboard, the University’s virtual learning environment
  • The support of a personal tutor
  • Self-directed study
  • Collaboration in a Lesson Study cycle with at least one other colleague in your school/college


  • Reflective diary, 1,500 words
  • Presentation (this can include clips of captured video materials), 1,000 words equivalent
  • Short report on the process and outcomes from a cycle of Lesson Study